USA trip 2012 – Goblin Valley – Utah

The night before I got there I spent in nearby Hanksville. One of the local girls told me that when the moon is high and there’s a clear night sky, local young folks are playing hide and seek down there. Imagine that! Hide’n’seek amongst mushroom Goblins! This must be the coolest hide’n’seek ever 🙂

That day I woke up really early, then drove like a crazy to get before dawn to the most remarkable place. Once I reached this little spot on a map, an extraordinary scenery emerged from behind a small mound. It’s a place full of mushroom-shaped formations, that looks like from a sci-fi movie. As you can see resemblance to mushrooms is rather obvious but dunno why I felt like surrounded by hundreds of Ewoks 🙂 Luckily for me, I had that place just for myself for good 2 hrs.

Alright, enough talking, take a look at the pics and a short vid.

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